Jesus is Lord Church

Our support in Russia is focused on Jesus is Lord Church in Kingisepp, a two hour drive west from St Petersburg. The initial contact began in 1998 through a gap year student from SCF who worked at one of the Drug Rehabilitation Centres the Kingisepp Church supports.

Building strong relationships

In June 2002, the church had to leave its rented accommodation and a member of SCF purchased an old Soviet army music school. This was in need of significant renovation and redevelopment and many team trips have included work on the building. Other projects have involved summer camps for young people, kids clubs, evangelism in drug centres, visiting the local orphanage and hospital, and teaching and training seminars for church members and leaders. As in all our overseas work, the building of strong relationships is key with teams staying in the homes of church members there, finding Google translate a great aid in overcoming the language barrier! We have hosted several couples and individuals from Kingisepp in Southend too.


The Kingisepp Church is actively involved with their community and plan to increase the range of activities available in their premises. Alcohol and drug addiction is a significant problem in Russia and the Christian rehab centres supported by the church are seeing significant success in destructive cycles being broken in peoples’ lives as they discover God’s heart of love. As well as practical and spiritual support we give financial support for individuals in the church family.

Reports from our latest trips can be read here.