Find out about our church links and overseas missions trips

seeing his kingdom established

We love and serve a God whose Father’s heart embraces every person from every nation.  We carry a passion not only to see the love of Jesus and His kingdom established in Southend and the UK, but among every people group on earth. 

Strong relationships

God has given us strong relationships with other church leaders and their congregations in other nations, including Uganda and Russia, where we serve the vision they carry from God in a variety of ways.  These include serving the poor, friendship and support for senior leaders, leadership training, foundational Biblical teaching, and building work.  We frequently host leaders and others from these churches here.


Our involvement with these friends abroad has enriched our life and ministry enormously and we have been stirred, encouraged and challenged by their passion for God and love for us every bit as much as we have been graced to serve them. Although these relationships provide the primary, on-going focus of our connections in other nations, members of the Fellowship are encouraged to engage with other opportunities to serve abroad as they believe God leads them.