A community learning to love God, to love one another, to love others

About Us

We are a group of ordinary people who love God and are learning how to give His love away to others.  We come from all walks of life and have one thing in common- Jesus.  His life, death and risen power are changing our lives.  We believe that the Bible is true and is relevant for today.  We aim to live out our faith and friendship with Jesus in all our day to day activities.  We meet together to encourage and support one another.  We also want to share God’s love and truth with others through our work and activities in our community and abroad.

Here at Southend Christian Fellowship we have a passion for seeing the Church walking in unity.  We work with a number of different Church leaders in various settings because we believe that Southend, this region, the UK and the world need the Church to be walking together in a place of unity for God’s glory to be seen in a greater degree.  Some of the out workings of this include:

  • Love Southend

love southend is an informal group made up of church leaders; church members committed to praying regularly for Southend; and Christians who have positions of influence in the Borough. Based on relationships of trust and openness, our aim is to serve that part of God’s agenda for Southend for which we believe the Body of Christ needs to come together in unity. Throughout Southend churches work together effectively for the Kingdom; Love Southend seeks to serve the Kingdom alongside such work with a focus on Borough-wide ministry.  There are a number of projects that come under the umbrella of Love Southend, these include Street Pastors and the Churches Winter Night-shelter . To find out more about love southend please click here to view their website.

  • Southchurch Ministers’ Fellowship (SMIF)

As part of our commitment to develop relationships with other churches, members of our oversight team meet with church leaders from the Southchurch area for mutual support, encouragement and prayer.  This group meets occasionally with our Neighbourhood Policing Team and local MP.  It was from SMIF that the idea of the Southchurch Churches Food-bank was birthed, click here to see more.


Southend Christian Fellowship, 600 Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2PT | info@southendchristianfellowship.org.uk | Charity Number 290547